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Give your child the confidence to join in on football fun, and the tools to practice on and off the pitch. At Klaas Kickz were saying bye-bye to coaching jargon and hello to COLOUR. Our unique colour-coded football boots were designed to simplify the learning process, and to help children feel more comfortable and confident as they develop their football skills.

Contact us at info@klaaskickz.com to learn more about our Klaas Kickz Academy Primary Schools Programme.

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Empower children for generations to come

At Klaas Kickz, our goal is to empower children for generations to come to be whatever they want to be. They might want to live the football life, they might not, but whatever path they choose, we believe that by playing football as a child you learn more than football skills, you learn life skills.

To achieve this goal, Klaas Kickz have created a special, one-of-a-kind product: colour coded football boots. The boots will help teach young children when and how to use each part of their feet while playing football in a way that's familiar to them. Our mission is to simplify the learning process and give kids the confidence to excel in football, and in life.

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Why klaaskickz?

Why wear normal football boots when you can wear football boots that help your child learn football?

  • Easier & quicker learning for children aged 3-8
  • Give children the confidence to develop life skills as well as football skills
  • Simplify the coaching & teaching of football
  • Online video lessons to help your child practice
  • Comes with a multi-coloured football guide to educate beginners
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Learn how to play the beautiful game

The Klaas Kickz boot is different from other football boots. Our colourful design doesn’t just look good on your feet, it helps you learn too. To help further this learning experience, we provide a series of regularly updated educational videos right here on our website. Whether your child is a pro in the making or a complete beginner, our videos will help develop the technical side of their game. If you’re a coach, why not integrate some of our lessons into your training sessions?

Video lessons include:

  • A step-by-step guide on how to use Klaas Kickz
  • The basics of football for beginners
  • Team skills and drills for volunteer and experienced coaches
  • Fun football games
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